The Ups and Downs of Finding a Good Bra

I cannot tell you the amount of time I have spent looking for a good fitting bra. For the longest time, I went with whatever I could find at WalMart. Bad choice. Especially for a woman who is not small. Not large. Let’s just say medium sized.

After my divorce, I went with Victoria’s Secret. That was a bad choice as well. But I wanted pretty bras. Bras that would lift and separate. You do get pretty with Victoria’s Secret but you do not get a well fitting bra that is meant for anyone over an A cup. Those bras are made for teenagers and young women who are a size 0. Don’t let me go there about size 0.

During my chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and prior to my radiation treatments, I was warned by the radiation oncologist to not wear any bras that have underwires. Fine. I was done with Victoria’s Secret anyway. But where do I go to find a good fitting bra that would still be pretty? I have a new husband and even though I am aging, I don’t want to have my breasts hanging by my waist.

I googled and researched and found They have a huge selection of bras. I mean huge. They have 406 T-Shirt bras, 977 DD+ bras, 145 back smoothing bras, 1005 Underwire, and the list goes on. They have 578 wire free bras which is what I was looking for. So I read through all the reviews and I tried to make my selection.

I decided to try their “chat with an expert” to get a proper size. Don’t do it. When the expert had me measure myself, she managed to come up with my size as 38DD. I have never in my life been a 38DD. Not even when I was breast feeding my children was I a 38DD. I remeasured myself and knew I should be a 38C. But I went ahead and ordered one 38DD. When it came, I couldn’t stop laughing. My head fit into one of the cups. Thank goodness they will pay for the return postage and refunds are easy.

Then I ordered bras. Many bras. I tried them all on and finally managed to narrow it down to 4 different brands. However, after wearing the four different brands for several months, I have now eliminated 3 brands. Here are my reviews:

Glamorise 2452 – It is a pretty, pink bra that has a front closure with hooks. It actually has 2 rows of latch-ins. But! It has 5 hooks. I don’t know about you but after the second hook, I am done. Many times, once I had the last few hooks done, the first ones would slip out. Not only that, the front closure is not comfortable. After wearing this bra for approximately one month, I was done.

Warner’s 2771A – It is a pretty looking bra. I bought one in a beige color. It fits well. However, the band is overly stretchy and very thin. The band extends from the sides of the cups. It does not go underneath the cups. Yes, I can easily snap the hooks in but when the band nearly wraps around me twice, then it is too stretchy. I would not recommend this bra.

Bali 3463 – This bra did not look at all like the picture. This bra is something I would have bought at WalMart. The band on this bra does go all around, underneath the cups. It is stretchy as well. A little thicker than the Warner’s. However, the band tends to fold over top of the cups. For the most part, the bra is comfortable but I would not ever buy this bra again.

Vanity Fair 71380 – I bought a purple one and a beige one. I love this bra. The band and the cups are spot on. The band is stretchy but not overly so. It does go underneath the cups. The whole bra is constructed really well. Exactly what a woman who is a 38C needs. This bra lifts and separates the girls. The bra fits so well, that I hardly notice it. Which I can’t say about the other bras I have had. I have always had to play with straps, the band, jiggle, jostle and pull.

When it comes time to order new bras, I’m not sure what I will do. Right now I am on a diet and losing weight. I want to wait until I am down to the weight I want to be before I order any new bras. I have been looking at the Third Love bras. I will have to see.

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