Review of Living proof shampoo

I am a fan of the Living proof full shampoo.  (See  I have been using this big container (24 fl. oz.) of shampoo for 8 months.

When my hair started to come back in, I wanted to use a good quality shampoo. I did want to use a natural product. Something that was not tested on animals and did not have a ton of chemicals. I can’t remember how I found Living proof and which one of my doctors recommended it, but I was impressed with what I read. It is not a natural product.

Living proof is technology with a conscience. Their products of free of silicones, parabens, phthalates, and animal testing. It is also non toxic. They only make hair products. That is it.

Living proof also has won beauty awards. Their Perfect Hair Day Body Builder hair spray has won the 2018 Allure Award. They also have a line of dry shampoos that have won awards. There is an explanation of how and why their full shampoo and conditioner line truly does add body and volume to fine hair.

When you get to the website there is a hair care quiz you can take. I did this. The full shampoo and conditioner line was recommended to me. My only gripe is that because I have gone through cancer treatments and my hair is different now, I wish that on these quizzes (or any quiz that can be taken) there would be an area for special concerns or special requirements. When I was looking for shampoos, I  was not certain what my hair would be like. Would it be straight? Would it be thick? Would it be fine? What color would it be?

I went ahead and ordered the full shampoo. Just the shampoo and not the conditioner. I don’t know why but I ordered the 24 fl. oz. bottle which came with a price tag of $59.  This was actually not bad. When I looked at other hair care products, this price came in at the lower end of some of the other products. Remember, I was looking at natural shampoos and conditioners.

I am very happy with this shampoo. The shampoo has a clean, pleasant smell. I only use one squirt of shampoo. Well, I am up to 2 squirts now. My hair is coming in better now but my hair feels soft and it does look full. The bang area could grow in a little better but it’ll do.  I am also glad I did not purchase the conditioner because I really don’t need it. I tend to shower and wash my hair every day. I tend to sweat easily but that’s because of the estrogen suppressing medication I am on. The products do say that your hair stays clean longer. I just know that after being at the barn and wearing a helmet, especially in the summer time, my hair isn’t a total ridiculous mess.

I am waiting for my hair to grow out more before I decide on purchasing other products. I did take their quiz again and I was given a number of different products I could choose from. But the full shampoo line was recommended again.  Will I order this product again?  Absolutely. I love the fragrance, the price and the fact that this bottle of shampoo will probably last me for a full year.