Mkeke case versus Lifeproof

When we first signed up with Sprint and got 4 iPhone 10rs, I wanted to get Otterboxes for all four phones,. But I quickly dropped that idea when I saw that I would have to spend over $200 for the four cases.

I did a fair amount of research and found cases for $8 each which had high reviews. I bought those. My daughter first turned up her nose at the case and I told her, I wasn’t going to spend over $200 on Otterbox cases. She could try this one out and if she didn’t like it, she could get her own Otterbox. She stuck with the Mkeke.

The Mkeke cases were doing all of us really well. I dropped my phone a number of times with no consequences. Unfortunately, the screen protector did get a scratch mark on it.

Then it happened. I was getting swayed by my friend who said Lifeproof cases are da’ bomb and have a lifetime warranty. Yada yada yada. I wasn’t happy about the $70 price tag for the particular model I was going to purchase and my husband was certainly not happy that I purchased it. I think I was thinking, well it’s water proof and it does have a lifetime warranty.

It arrived. But. I couldn’t get the case open. I tried everything and finally ended up calling customer service. I was told to use the key. I asked, what key? The key that came with the case. There was no key that came with the case as I once again looked at the instructions that came with the case but made absolutely no sense. Oh. Then use a quarter. I used a quarter and the case popped open. Great.

But I wasn’t certain I was at all happy that I had to press harder on the items around the edges of my screen because the top of the case didn’t rest completely on the screen.

Then I had no sound on my iPhone. I wasn’t hearing phone calls. No beeps with messages. Nothing. Nada. So being NOT technically savvy with my iPhone, I searched why my iPhone was not making any sounds. Found out finally that the mute button on the left side of the phone was pushed to mute sound. Tried pushing that button which had no affect with the case on. Took the case off and turned on the sound. Great. I was now getting sound. Put the phone back in the case and the case turned the mute sound again to no sound. I think I struggled for five minutes trying to get that phone back into the case without having my sound turned off. Even standing on my head, I couldn’t get it in there without turning the sound off.

So I did what a smart person would do and returned the case to Lifeproof. I told them what the problem was and why I was returning it. They were very good about accepting the return.

I have gone back to the good ol’ Mkeke case for $8.00. Just shows you that brand names are not all they are cracked up to be. I guess I don’t need a $70 lifetime warranty either.

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