Lashes! Eyelashes! Lashes

As a woman who went through chemotherapy and lost every single hair on her body, I think I was most upset when my eyelashes disappeared. Sorry, no pictures of that.

I am happy that my hair is growing in very well, thank you very much. I just wish it would be growing in really thick and luxurious and blonde. That isn’t happening. It is growing in, yes. Just not thick and not blonde. I mean, really at my age, I was thinking blonde? Eyebrows are coming in slowly which is nice. I am hoping they will come in a little thicker than they were. In the 1970’s pencil thin eyebrows were in style. So my friend and I did our eyebrows. Then thin eyebrows went out of style and, I guess my eyebrows didn’t hear about it because they did not grow in very well. They are much better now.

Was I happy when my eyelashes started to come in. I was super happy when I could finally put mascara on something. I have been using the mascara from (I have included the link) which I truly love. But my eyelashes were just not growing in long enough, thick enough or fast enough.

My neighbor, Nancy, is a representative for Rodan & Fields (I have included her link as well). That is one thing I really notice about ladies, is their eyelashes, probably because I didn’t have them. But Nancy’s eyelashes were thick and long and just drop dead gorgeous. When I asked her about her eyelashes, she told me she was using the Rodan & Fields Lashboost. I wanted to get it right away, but, gasp! the price. I pouted. Nancy told me that she had used the Lashboost for eight weeks before seeing a difference. She said she had to stop using the Lashboost because her eyelashes were getting too long.

I pouted. And pouted some more. Then finally was able to purchase the Lashboost. I couldn’t wait to start using it. The Lashboost is very easy to use. You apply a thin line of the liquid along your lashline before going to bed. I have been doing it along the upper lid and the lower lid. While I was waiting for the results, we had a get together with the ladies of the neighborhood and I noticed another woman with the most beautiful eye lashes. She said she was using the Lashboost as well. My goodness!

I tried to take a picture this morning of my eyelashes but I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen. I can say that my eyelashes are much, much nicer now. I do wish they would be a little thicker, but that may still happen. My eyelashes are much longer. For someone who is against using any type of chemical product, when it came to having my eyelashes come in better, I was willing to not read the list of ingredients.

I am not certain when I will stop using Lashboost. All I know is, this stuff works. It is well worth the price of $150 plus. I am not certain how long this will last as everyone I know who is using this product hasn’t been using it for any length of time. I am not certain if there are any side effects or if there are down sides to using this product. I just know that I really love my eyelashes now. (If this stuff works for my eyebrows, I wonder if I could use it on my scalp where my hair is a little thin?)

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