Habit – Not for Me

The Habit opened a few months ago just down the street from us. Every time I drove passed the place, I would see that the parking lot was full and the drive through had a line up that was ridiculous. I wondered what this was all about and was told that this was a burger joint.

Well, I thought. Interesting. I did try to go there once but the parking lot was packed and the drive through was again, ridiculous. I ended up going to Panera Bread which was a few stores down.

I felt betrayed when my husband went there for lunch the other day. I asked him what he thought of the place and he just shrugged his shoulders and said it was okay. He said it was just a burger joint. Now my curiosity was really tweaked and he took me the other day for lunch.

He ordered the double charburger which includes fries and a drink. I ordered the portabello charburger with a Caesar side salad and a blueberry lemon drink. We paid over $22 for our order and I was thinking that this better be good. We did get our food pretty quickly and so we sat down to eat.

My husband chomped into his burger and said it was okay. I started in on mine and said the same. It was okay. The Caesar salad had too much dressing and was slightly too sour. I don’t know if they use vinegar or lemon in their dressing but it did taste like vinegar. By the time I got to the bottom of the salad, it was drenched in dressing. I left the rest of the soggy salad. The blueberry juice drink was good. Just good. Nothing exceptional. My husband’s fries were nothing special. No seasonings, nothing different from any other fries you get anywhere else.

When I saw the cup that my husband had and the words The Best Burger in America. I raised my eyebrows. This was definitely not the best burger I have ever had. The best burger I have ever had was at Mary O’Neills in Waxhaw, NC.

My husband and I won’t be back to the Habit. The meal was overpriced. I would rather go to Wendy’s for my burger or Mary O’Neills where I can enjoy a glass of wine with my burger. I really don’t see what the hooplah is for this place. I guess my husband and I have different ideas about good burgers.

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