Computers – Can’t live with them – Can’t live without them

I finally found a job I love doing.  I signed up with an online company to do transcription work from home.  I love doing transcription work.  Or dictation if you are old school like me.  All I needed was an operable computer and good internet.

Suggestions were made to get noise cancelling headphones, which I purchased.  It was also suggested to get an ergonomic keyboard, which I purchased from Microsoft.  It is a wireless keyboard and came with a  mouse.  I downloaded audio player software products.  Then I decided to get a foot pedal.  I used to do a lot of dictaphone work and used a foot pedal back in the day.

So there I was.  All set and ready to go, right?  I went through the company’s tests and samples.  Everything worked well.  Great.  I was loving it.  Now play the dark music.  Da-da-da-dun.

One day before I was to begin an actual assignment, my laptop went haywire.  I was typing away and suddenly 000’s went racing across my screen.  I quickly saved my document which became all kinds of 0000’s.  I tried to shut down but it filled with 00’s and then 11’s.  What is a girl supposed to do then?  I pushed the power button to turn it off and started to panic.

Turned my laptop back on and it was clear.  Started typing again, only to have ^^^’s racing across my screen.  Again, I had to push the power button to turn the laptop off. Did one of the audio programs have a virus attached to it?  Uninstalled Express Scribe, FTR Player and Liberty Court Player.  Then reinstalled just Express Scribe.  Started typing again and now *****’s raced across my screen.

Thank goodness I paid for the Geek Squad Support.  Let me just say, I have already given them many challenges.  Bonus part is that I contacted them remotely and they could access my computer to see what was going on.  The technician I chatted with did not know what was going on but he said he would clean up what he could.  It took him two hours to clean it up and he did say it was challenging.

The next day I thought everything was fine and started on my work again.  I was going along for quite some time and feeling pretty good when &&&’s started to race across my screen.  I had a real hissy fit and started to cry.  Turned off my laptop and took it to Best Buy and Geek Squad.  I was ready to drive over my laptop with the truck.  Geek Squad asked me to try to replicate the problem.  It wouldn’t happen obviously.  Things like this never replicate themselves in front of technicians.  They took the laptop in for repairs and told me I might want to consider getting a new laptop.  Which I did.  A 15.3″ Lenovo Yoga.

Went home with the new laptop, totally frustrated.  Set it all up with the wireless keyboard and mouse.  But I didn’t need the keyboard right away and set it to the side in the box.  I was working along for quite some time, thinking well, that’s that.  1111’s started racing across the screen.  I don’t know about you but tears ran down my face.  I stayed quiet because after telling my husband about taking the other laptop in for repairs and having to purchase a new laptop only to have the same thing happening on the new laptop, would not go over well.

Removed all the audio programs again.  But then I thought, what if it’s the foot pedal?  It was not responding quite well.  So I removed the foot pedal and continued typing my current assignment.  I started to breath and then 000’s.  Racing across my screen.  Silent screams.  Really silent screams inside the pit of my stomach.  I managed to finish the assignment that night but my head was ready to explode.

The next day the same things happened.  000’s and/or 111’s.  It wasn’t the foot pedal and I couldn’t tell which audio program was doing it when I thought, what if it’s the wireless keyboard sitting in the box beside me?  I took the keyboard and put it into another room.  Started typing on another assignment and all went well with my world.

I found a spare mouse in the study.  Unplugged the doey for the mouse and keyboard.  Plugged in the thingey for the new mouse and absolutely nothing happened, in that no more numbers or signs racing across the screen.  Oh my goodness!  It was the wireless keyboard.  In the box which caused the start of my mental breakdown.  Exchanged the keyboard and mouse because I was not sure if the keyboard was broken.  Simple me figured out the problem but now I have two perfectly good laptops.  Well, if my daughter’s laptop crashes, she can have the Asus.  Hers is getting old.

Now, when I am not doing my transcription work, I unplug the doey for the mouse and keyboard and plug in the thingey for my purple mouse.  Everything works just fine now.  I just don’t know what to say.

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