Reviews on Lush products – Facial Products

My oldest daughter, Veronika, introduced me to Lush products. She has been using natural products for a long time. I have been searching for natural cosmetics now that I am cancer free. I decided to give the Lush products a try as they are all handmade, fresh and natural.

I have struggled with acne for most of my life. I have so much oil in my skin, that I could sell it. Or I wish I could to get rid of it. When I was a teenager and going through severe acne, I did not think that I would ever benefit from oily skin. I had severe acne on my face, chest, back and even on my scalp.

When I went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I was told my skin would change and become dry.  I haven’t really seen that.   Perhaps it’s because I had so much oil in my skin that it protected me from drying out. Going through the Lush products for different skin conditions, I still tend to go with products that are for oily skin.  I have always followed a regimen of facial soap, toner and moisturizer both morning and night. I can say that my skin is now (at the age of 60!) blemish free and soft.  That would be the benefit of having oily skin.  My husband keeps telling me that I have the softest skin ever.  And he would know.

I purchased the Herbalism, face and body cleanser. The information with it says it is for problem skin and it contains rosemary and chamomile. At first, the price was a little off putting ($16.95 for 3.5 oz), however, you use very little and this container has lasted me three months and I am not done with it yet.

This is not a soft and smooth cleanser. It is a gritty cleanser which I really like. It does have an herb-like fragrance but it is not overpowering. Just a mild fragrance. You need very little.  For a full list of ingredients, check out all Lush products at

After I wash, (both morning and night) I use the Breath of Fresh Air toner. A couple of squirts on a cotton pad and I wipe my face and neck. Do not forget to include your neck in your ritual. This product contains aloe vera, rose and a blend of herbs.

It does have a very light herbal smell but it does not linger. I will be trying the toner with tea tree oil next. I am not saying I am not happy with this current toner, I just wanted to see what the toner with tea tree oil would be like. Like the cleanser, you need very little and this 100 ml bottle has lasted three months.


 After the toner, I follow with the Celestial moisturizer.  Even with severe acne, I would use a really light moisturizer but just at night. Now I use the moisturizer both morning and night. This moisturizer contains almond milk and dove orchid.  It does have a really pleasant almond smell with something else mixed in.

Again, use very little. You will see that it goes a long way. I use this moisturizer both on my face and neck. It does not feel heavy at all but I use just barely enough to cover everywhere. You will know if you have used too much.


The last thing I do, is use my Enchanted eye cream. Less is more and I put it on underneath my eyes and on my eyelids. Ladies, start using eye cream, earlier rather than later. This eye cream has organic oils and honey.  It has a pleasant smell again but is not overpowering. Really smooth and light.

I have been using these four products for the past three months and love the way my skin looks and feels.  Now remember, I have gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. All of that has been rough on my body. But I am so happy with these products.

Lush Products fight animal testing. They use recycled plastic for their containers. There is a note on their container that says “Return 5 clean containers with this icon for a free face mask”.  I didn’t notice this before, but I will certainly check all my containers for the specific icon.  The first four facial products, I purchased in Canada and I am happy to note that those products are made in Canada.

Check out the full line of Lush products at . Right now I am very happy with my products and will write reviews on the body products that I have purchased.

Review of Living proof shampoo

I am a fan of the Living proof full shampoo.  (See  I have been using this big container (24 fl. oz.) of shampoo for 8 months.

When my hair started to come back in, I wanted to use a good quality shampoo. I did want to use a natural product. Something that was not tested on animals and did not have a ton of chemicals. I can’t remember how I found Living proof and which one of my doctors recommended it, but I was impressed with what I read. It is not a natural product.

Living proof is technology with a conscience. Their products of free of silicones, parabens, phthalates, and animal testing. It is also non toxic. They only make hair products. That is it.

Living proof also has won beauty awards. Their Perfect Hair Day Body Builder hair spray has won the 2018 Allure Award. They also have a line of dry shampoos that have won awards. There is an explanation of how and why their full shampoo and conditioner line truly does add body and volume to fine hair.

When you get to the website there is a hair care quiz you can take. I did this. The full shampoo and conditioner line was recommended to me. My only gripe is that because I have gone through cancer treatments and my hair is different now, I wish that on these quizzes (or any quiz that can be taken) there would be an area for special concerns or special requirements. When I was looking for shampoos, I  was not certain what my hair would be like. Would it be straight? Would it be thick? Would it be fine? What color would it be?

I went ahead and ordered the full shampoo. Just the shampoo and not the conditioner. I don’t know why but I ordered the 24 fl. oz. bottle which came with a price tag of $59.  This was actually not bad. When I looked at other hair care products, this price came in at the lower end of some of the other products. Remember, I was looking at natural shampoos and conditioners.

I am very happy with this shampoo. The shampoo has a clean, pleasant smell. I only use one squirt of shampoo. Well, I am up to 2 squirts now. My hair is coming in better now but my hair feels soft and it does look full. The bang area could grow in a little better but it’ll do.  I am also glad I did not purchase the conditioner because I really don’t need it. I tend to shower and wash my hair every day. I tend to sweat easily but that’s because of the estrogen suppressing medication I am on. The products do say that your hair stays clean longer. I just know that after being at the barn and wearing a helmet, especially in the summer time, my hair isn’t a total ridiculous mess.

I am waiting for my hair to grow out more before I decide on purchasing other products. I did take their quiz again and I was given a number of different products I could choose from. But the full shampoo line was recommended again.  Will I order this product again?  Absolutely. I love the fragrance, the price and the fact that this bottle of shampoo will probably last me for a full year.

Lashes! Eyelashes! Lashes

As a woman who went through chemotherapy and lost every single hair on her body, I think I was most upset when my eyelashes disappeared. Sorry, no pictures of that.

I am happy that my hair is growing in very well, thank you very much. I just wish it would be growing in really thick and luxurious and blonde. That isn’t happening. It is growing in, yes. Just not thick and not blonde. I mean, really at my age, I was thinking blonde? Eyebrows are coming in slowly which is nice. I am hoping they will come in a little thicker than they were. In the 1970’s pencil thin eyebrows were in style. So my friend and I did our eyebrows. Then thin eyebrows went out of style and, I guess my eyebrows didn’t hear about it because they did not grow in very well. They are much better now.

Was I happy when my eyelashes started to come in. I was super happy when I could finally put mascara on something. I have been using the mascara from (I have included the link) which I truly love. But my eyelashes were just not growing in long enough, thick enough or fast enough.

My neighbor, Nancy, is a representative for Rodan & Fields (I have included her link as well). That is one thing I really notice about ladies, is their eyelashes, probably because I didn’t have them. But Nancy’s eyelashes were thick and long and just drop dead gorgeous. When I asked her about her eyelashes, she told me she was using the Rodan & Fields Lashboost. I wanted to get it right away, but, gasp! the price. I pouted. Nancy told me that she had used the Lashboost for eight weeks before seeing a difference. She said she had to stop using the Lashboost because her eyelashes were getting too long.

I pouted. And pouted some more. Then finally was able to purchase the Lashboost. I couldn’t wait to start using it. The Lashboost is very easy to use. You apply a thin line of the liquid along your lashline before going to bed. I have been doing it along the upper lid and the lower lid. While I was waiting for the results, we had a get together with the ladies of the neighborhood and I noticed another woman with the most beautiful eye lashes. She said she was using the Lashboost as well. My goodness!

I tried to take a picture this morning of my eyelashes but I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen. I can say that my eyelashes are much, much nicer now. I do wish they would be a little thicker, but that may still happen. My eyelashes are much longer. For someone who is against using any type of chemical product, when it came to having my eyelashes come in better, I was willing to not read the list of ingredients.

I am not certain when I will stop using Lashboost. All I know is, this stuff works. It is well worth the price of $150 plus. I am not certain how long this will last as everyone I know who is using this product hasn’t been using it for any length of time. I am not certain if there are any side effects or if there are down sides to using this product. I just know that I really love my eyelashes now. (If this stuff works for my eyebrows, I wonder if I could use it on my scalp where my hair is a little thin?)

The Ups and Downs of Finding a Good Bra

I cannot tell you the amount of time I have spent looking for a good fitting bra. For the longest time, I went with whatever I could find at WalMart. Bad choice. Especially for a woman who is not small. Not large. Let’s just say medium sized.

After my divorce, I went with Victoria’s Secret. That was a bad choice as well. But I wanted pretty bras. Bras that would lift and separate. You do get pretty with Victoria’s Secret but you do not get a well fitting bra that is meant for anyone over an A cup. Those bras are made for teenagers and young women who are a size 0. Don’t let me go there about size 0.

During my chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and prior to my radiation treatments, I was warned by the radiation oncologist to not wear any bras that have underwires. Fine. I was done with Victoria’s Secret anyway. But where do I go to find a good fitting bra that would still be pretty? I have a new husband and even though I am aging, I don’t want to have my breasts hanging by my waist.

I googled and researched and found They have a huge selection of bras. I mean huge. They have 406 T-Shirt bras, 977 DD+ bras, 145 back smoothing bras, 1005 Underwire, and the list goes on. They have 578 wire free bras which is what I was looking for. So I read through all the reviews and I tried to make my selection.

I decided to try their “chat with an expert” to get a proper size. Don’t do it. When the expert had me measure myself, she managed to come up with my size as 38DD. I have never in my life been a 38DD. Not even when I was breast feeding my children was I a 38DD. I remeasured myself and knew I should be a 38C. But I went ahead and ordered one 38DD. When it came, I couldn’t stop laughing. My head fit into one of the cups. Thank goodness they will pay for the return postage and refunds are easy.

Then I ordered bras. Many bras. I tried them all on and finally managed to narrow it down to 4 different brands. However, after wearing the four different brands for several months, I have now eliminated 3 brands. Here are my reviews:

Glamorise 2452 – It is a pretty, pink bra that has a front closure with hooks. It actually has 2 rows of latch-ins. But! It has 5 hooks. I don’t know about you but after the second hook, I am done. Many times, once I had the last few hooks done, the first ones would slip out. Not only that, the front closure is not comfortable. After wearing this bra for approximately one month, I was done.

Warner’s 2771A – It is a pretty looking bra. I bought one in a beige color. It fits well. However, the band is overly stretchy and very thin. The band extends from the sides of the cups. It does not go underneath the cups. Yes, I can easily snap the hooks in but when the band nearly wraps around me twice, then it is too stretchy. I would not recommend this bra.

Bali 3463 – This bra did not look at all like the picture. This bra is something I would have bought at WalMart. The band on this bra does go all around, underneath the cups. It is stretchy as well. A little thicker than the Warner’s. However, the band tends to fold over top of the cups. For the most part, the bra is comfortable but I would not ever buy this bra again.

Vanity Fair 71380 – I bought a purple one and a beige one. I love this bra. The band and the cups are spot on. The band is stretchy but not overly so. It does go underneath the cups. The whole bra is constructed really well. Exactly what a woman who is a 38C needs. This bra lifts and separates the girls. The bra fits so well, that I hardly notice it. Which I can’t say about the other bras I have had. I have always had to play with straps, the band, jiggle, jostle and pull.

When it comes time to order new bras, I’m not sure what I will do. Right now I am on a diet and losing weight. I want to wait until I am down to the weight I want to be before I order any new bras. I have been looking at the Third Love bras. I will have to see.