Breast Reconstruction

In August I had a mammogram done on the right breast. It came back normal. I was then scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram on my left breast two weeks ago. I then had an appointment with the surgeon who did the lumpectomy three days later.

Before the mammogram on the left breast, I thought I was fine. However, when I pulled into the parking lot, I started to shake. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. I called my best friend as I was starting to hyperventilate. She was able to calm me down. She said it was perfectly normal for me to be nervous.

I went into the appointment, had the mammogram done and then had to wait for the radiologist. I was fine until the wait for the radiologist. What if, kept running through my head. The wait was not long enough for me to get into a real panic attack and hyperventilate. The technician and the radiologist came in and she told me that everything was fine. Because of the lumpectomy, the chemotherapy and the radiation, the breast had changed and they would use this new normal to base future mammograms. I could finally let out a deep breath.

Three days later, I had an appointment with my surgeon. I love my surgeon. She is a wonderful person with a real feisty spirit. She was happy with the results from my mammogram. Then she did an exam and said now future mammograms could be scheduled to have both breasts done at the same time on a yearly basis.

I, then, pointed out the really large discrepancy between my two breasts. I asked her if it was normal for my left to be so much smaller than my right. I had noticed this about one month ago. (Takes a lot for me to notice things on my body.) But there is a big difference from my right to my left. My right breast fills the cup of my bra to over flowing while the left one barely fills it.

My surgeon told me that this is quite normal after the lumpectomy and radiation. The radiation tends to shrink things. (Wish they could have done that for my belly fat and nose.) I told her that the difference is pretty large. She agreed with me and is referring me to a plastic surgeon. She told me that he would not increase the size of the left. I told her I don’t want that. I want the right one reduced and maybe made perky. My surgeon smiled. She also said the surgeon would decide about the reconstruction.

So now I wait for the referral and finally feel balanced. Having one side larger than the other side, really throws off your balance. At least, that is what I am claiming for now.


Author: sylviagoblet1

I am a Canadian living in the Carolinas. I truly feel at home in the Carolinas. I don't know what it is about the south but sitting amongst friends and their southern drawl gives a sense of peace. A sense of calm that I haven't had before. Writing has been a way of life since I was a teenager. But it has been a struggle until now. God has touched me in a way that has had a profound effect on me. My determination and desire to write is now deep within. A writer is someone who is always willing to listen, absorb and learn. The learning curve is never ending. One is never too old or too experienced to learn. Everyone has had life touch them in many different ways. Every person has a story within them. One may choose to turn away from their faith from life experiences or one may choose to lean towards God. Those are the stories I wish to share.

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